Gizmodo Releases List of the 25 Most Viral People on the Internet

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

As social media users, we all want our content to go viral and reach as many people as possible, but how in the world do we do that? Well one way to find out is to see how the best people do it, and Gizmodo not only gave us one example to follow, but twenty-five examples, sweet!

In their article, “Meet the 25 Most Viral People on the Internet" they write: These are the ones who can. When they post something to a website, Twitter, or Facebook, it’s almost assured of blowing up. Meet the 25 most viral voices on the Internet. As depicted in the above image, one of these “people” seems to be a cute kitten.

No we’re just kidding, there’s no way a kitten would be able to use a computer, not to forget to have the capacity for intellect of course! The owner of the cute kitten image is a woman by the nickname of Starspirit who is quite successful at using StumbleUpon to share content that goes viral, fast!

The #3 most viral person is a face you may recognize, Ashton Kutcher himself! But you may ask, “dude, what type of viral does this dude share?” Well here’s what Gizmodo has to hilariously say about him:

"Ashton Kutcher may be a cowardly quitter, a cheater, and something of a moron, but let’s face it: Dude has influence. When Kutcher drops a link, mad traffic follows. When he calls out a web service or app (often one of his own) users follow like hyenas swarming a carcass. His authentic (if dumb) voice is the reason we hate to see him handing the keys to his feed to a bunch of soulless social media marketing whores, even if they are from his own firm."

Unsurprisingly, you may be wondering, “dude, where’s the #1 most viral person?” We’ll only provide you with an image of who that is, and if you want to find out who he/she is, feel free to read Gizmodo’s whole article on the subject.