A Commercial Created Using Twitter and Twitter Only!

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

You’ve got to admit, there is very little room for creativity on Twitter, with only 140 characters. Yeah, you can always add an image or a video and have them show up right there under your tweet, but that’s old news, everybody does it.

If you want to see creativity at its best using 140 characters, go to Smart Car’s Twitter account for Argentina. Their social media team managed to make what is equivalent to a TV commercial using “some ASCII art and a lot of patience”, as cleverly stated by The Next Web blog (we’ve gotta give them a shout out.)

Here’s a video of what you’ll see when you go to their Twitter page, and scroll down or hold the “J” button on your keyboard. Now this is the perfect example of how you can offer branded entertainment using a bit of social media creativity and a lot of patience. Way to go Smart Car Argentina, you’ve shown that there’s no limit to creativity, even when you have a limit of 140 characters!