The Top 10 Mac Apps of 2011

We know just how much advertising and creative design agencies and professionals just love their Apple machines, especially their Macs. Hey, we’re one of those Mac freaks, how else would we be able to produce creative work on a daily basis!

Rejoice, because Mashable came out with a really cool and useful article providing us with a list of the best 10 Mac apps of 2011. Sweet! Let’s see how much we have in common with Mashable and how many apps we’re missing.

The Mac App Store was launched just in 2011 and has already surpassed 100 million downloads this year, that’s just pure amazing! Among those 100 million downloads, here are the top 10 apps that were favored by Mashable:

  1. OS X Lion
  2. Fantastical
  3. Flare and Analog
  4. Pixelmator
  5. Alfred
  6. Reeder
  7. Marked
  8. Camtasia 2
  9. Clarify
  10. CloudApp

For full descriptions and images of each app, read Mashable’s whole article at The 10 Best Mac Apps of 2011.