Tumblr Will Outrank the Word “Blog”

Long live Tumblr, as Gizmodo said it quite elegantly with their article The Blog Is Dead; Long Live Tumblr! That’s where we got the above graph from, which shows that the word “Tumblr” will outrank the word “blog” in popularity on Google.

It’s no surprise at all, seeing that in June 2011, the 4-year old microblogging wonder hosted more blogs and posts than the 8-year old Wordpress, as it was announced by Mashable with their article: Tumblr Now Has More Blogs Than WordPress.com.

This is precisely why we decided to go with Tumblr for our blog. We had a choice to go with Google’s Blogger platform, and of course Wordpress, but after seeing that it was gaining so much popularity, we decided to park right here! 

  • Gizmodo