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Funny Comic About the Importance of Digital Strategy

We stumbled upon a great blog post on the Brand Architect, titled “Just Being Digital is Not a Strategy”, and nothing can explain this statement better than the above comic by the amazing Tom Fishburne. If a picture is worth a thousands words, a funny and enlightening comic is worth a thousand pictures.

It doesn’t take a genius to set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or any other social media channel as part of the fact. It does, however, take a Creative genius to know how to properly utilize those channels to attain top marketing and organizational objectives, whether it’s to attain leads or generate awareness around a brand or cause.

Furthermore, the post provided a table (feel free to click on the image for a larger view) by management consultancy McKinsey to highlight social media’s four primary functions: monitor, respond, amplify, and lead consumer behavior. This proves to use even more just how much more there is to strategy in social media.