Use this Illustration to Discover 20 Events from the Internet in 2011

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

It kind of reminds me of Where’s Waldo, but this illustration, prepared by Syzygy, poses a much more challenging task, especially if you haven’t been following up with all of the online memes in 2011. I don’t expect you to know them all seeing that we live in the information overload age and all, but trust me, some of the events from this illustration will make you crack up laughing, they’re worth looking for.

Ok, I’m sure you were able to identify at least 3 of them because some of them are just plain obvious, but others are tougher to spot out. Here is our take on it, hopefully we’ve gotten all of them right, let us know what you think!

1) The Egyptian revolution and elections of course

2) LulzSec, the computer hacker group that claimed responsibility for the Sony attacks.

3) Google +, say no more!

4) The Nyan Cat video, I don’t know why it got 60 million views on YouTube but you have to admit, it’s kind of funny.

5) Double rainbow all the way. The hilarious ‘Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow’ video that also went viral on YouTube snatching up more than 30 million views.

6) The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger! This one got 34 million views and you’ll see why, the narrator spices up the video with wild and crazy comments.

7) Duk’em Nuke’em Forever. A video game I’ve never played before nor will I ever do so. Not my cup of tea.

8) LOL! The bike lanes video by Casey Neistat about how he got a ticket for “riding not in the bike lane.” He filmed this video to hilariously and cleverly prove a good point.

9) The famous Volkswagen commercial that was originally meant to be a Superbowl ad, but went viral on YouTube snatching up 50 million views in a sneak peak before it even aired on TV!

10) Steve Jobs, need I say more?

11) The infamous PlayStation Network outage that received a lot of bad publicity, especially on Twitter.

12) Anonymous. If I revealed them to you then they wouldn’t be anonymous anymore would they?

13) Beats me! An eagle flying at first glance, but what does it represent? Let me know if you find out!

14) The New Zealand oil spill I suppose?

15) Thanksgiving day? How the heck should I know? 

16) This one might be representative of the supposed “Judgement Day and End of the World” claims on October 21, 2011.

17) Facebook’s much controversial Timeline feature roll-out. We wrote an article on it called Facebook’s Much-Controversial ‘Timeline’ Started Rolling Out!

18) I’m guessing this is represents the “We are the 99% - Occupy Wall Street” movement that shook the Internet.

19) Wikileaks

20) Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ that got the most popular video label on Youtube. Not because she’s got a beautiful voice or anything like that, but rather because of how bad her singing is and how much people made fun of it.

Facebook’s Timeline Feature Now Available in the Middle East

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

The much-anticipated Facebook was first introduce during the F8 conference in September 2011, and it started rolling it out last November starting with New Zealand, but now it has finally hit our Middle East. And you can activate it with just one click, first by visiting this page:

Then you will see a link on the bottom giving you the option to ‘get timeline.’

After that, it’s just a matter of whether you would like to edit your profile before you show it to the world, or go ahead and publish it as is, or you could wait until December 22nd to make it live, all three options are given to you.

For a video introduction of the timeline feature, feel free to view the below video, and for a more detailed guide on how you can get the most out of this feature feel free to visit Mashable’s Facebook Timeline: Complete Guide

Facebook’s Much-Controversial ‘Timeline’ Started Rolling Out!

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

You might’ve heard about the new timeline feature Zuckerberg of Facebook started speaking about in September during the F8 conference, and you’ve probably seen the great amount of publicity it received afterwards, let alone the controversial privacy issues associated with it!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, for those of you who have not yet been acquainted with the timeline feature, it uses an algorithm-based process to display a complete graphical summary of your entire life since birth-with photos, videos, status updates and locations you have visited.

Here’s a video of what it looks like:

Facebook announced it in September but just yesterday they provided an update on their blog stating they have officially started rolling out this feature, begining with New Zealand and working their way through to other regions. Here is a screen shot displaying an excerpt from their blog post:

Nevertheless, there are some controversial privacy issues that have been raised such as the claim that Facebook will be using this timeline feature to further appeal to advertisers by providing even more data about you.

Other criticisms claim that by Facebook encouraging you to showcase your life story with sensitive personal data, such as your birth of date or your pet’s name, this could open up a door for identity theft.

And finally there were claims spreading on the net that the timeline will also show which friends you have “unfriended”, yikes! Imagine how awkward that would be! According to Mashable, here’s what the “unfriended” bug looks like:

But you need not worry my friends, there’s a reason why we chose the word “bug.” That’s because Facebook said this was a bug that has been disabled and fixed. So we can all avoid the awkward moment of running into a person you have unfriended on Facebook while they know about it, imagine that!

Who knows, this timeline feature will either make or break Facebook, time will only tell what will become of it, especially in the wake of the ever-growing Google Plus. For more information on Facebook’s Timeline, Mashable has a really cool article on it called Facebook Timeline: The Complete Guide, check it out!