Apple to Replace Google Maps with New 3D Maps App in iOS6

We’ve been hearing about the patent wars Google and Apple have heavily been engaged in during the last year, especially in regards to their mobile operating software, Android and iOS. And according to Forbes.com (Android Payback: Apple to Cut Google Out of Stunning New 3D Maps App in iOS6), it is widely reported that Apple will likely announce at its WWDC in June that Apple will be replacing Google Maps with a 3D maps app on its’ much-anticipated iOS6.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about this report: ”It was widely reported yesterday that Apple will likely announce at its WWDC in June that the new version of the built-in maps app in iOS6 will not be fed by Google maps. Instead, Apple has developed its own, in-house 3-D mapping database, based on the acquisition of three mapping software companies between 2009 and 2011, Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9.

Above is a video of the new 3D map technology Apple is supposedly going to introduce through its’ acquired Swedish startup C3 Technologies. And guess what, they pro

I think it’s an eminently smart move that Apple is making considering that the future lays in mobile geo-tagged and GPS localized experiences, anything that helps you better search and explore your world (physically, socially, and mentally.)

That’s why Google is pretty much taking Google maps to another level, but not on any hand-held mobile platform, but rather an optical platform, namely Google Glasses (yes, actual spectacles that you can wear!) Check out the video to believe it for yourself:

So who will win this battle? Apple is supposedly bringing 3D maps into the mobile scene and Google is bringing real-life maps into the optical scene (through its’ Google glasses.) But will people actually wear such glasses?

It’s a neat idea by Google, in theory, but on a practical level, I place all my bets on Apple seeing that mobile platforms are no where to go and they’re only going to grow. People are used to hand-held devices, not head-worn (other than ear-pieces, but that’s totally different.) It will take a lot for Google to convince people to convert their mobile devices into mobile glasses.