7 Signs Why Your Future TV Will Just be a Bigger iPhone or Android Phone

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

1. Do the below images look familiar? Ok, the Apple and Siri logos gave it away but this is what the next Apple product could look like. This is not a leak of the next Apple product or design, but rather was imagined by CiccaresDesign and MacRumors as to what the Apple TV would look like if it was to come out.

2. In Steve Job’s official biography by Walter Isaacson, Jobs boasted that he had “cracked” the secret to television, envisioning an integrated, wirelessly synched TV set with “the simplest user interface you could imagine.” Could it have a slick curvy design as depicted in the below image? I wouldn’t be surprised seeing how aesthetically beautiful Apple is known to makes its’ products!

3. The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is working hard at redefining the future of TV, according to a recent article by Mashable. 

4. Google did launch Google TV in 2010 and it would be out of the ordinary that Apple counteracts their move, seeing that they are their biggest competitor, especially with the growing interest in Android-powered phones.

The above video gives us a very basic perspective of what Google TV is like, but hold your horses, it will get a lot more dynamic, integrated and interactive than that. Just have a look at the recent changes Google’s YouTube made.

5. Fast Company wrote a really neat piece on how YouTube’s Radical Redesign Positions Google To Be Your New TV, and guess who owns YouTube? The article stated that ”Google announced last month it was going to source more professionally made content as well as flow more of its content into Channels—thematically linked sections of the site that would feel a little more like your standard cable TV box perhaps (sports channels, news channels, science…and so on). Furthermore, AlJazeera English just recently announced that you can now add their channel to Google TV.

6. Google recently made two huge announcements: 1) that they are going to purchase Motorola for $12.5 billion and Motorola doesn’t just specialize in mobile phones, but TV hardware as well. 2) they also launched the ability for 10 people to hold a free video chat (called a “hangout”) through their popular social media site, Google+. And it doesn’t take a genius to predict that once Google TV comes out, they will use this hangout feature as a selling feature. They will make their TV’s so socially integrated that you and 10 of your friends could be chilling, hanging out, and all watching the same show or movie through your TV’s!

7. If Apple and Google both dominate the TV industry in the future, then we can safely assume that they will do a kick-ass job in doing so. We can also assume that their TV’s will have iOS and Android on them, respectively, with the same exact features found on a phone with touch-screen or gesture-based platform, app-downloading capabilities, video and audio calling, streaming content (info, images, videos), online browsing and sharing, and don’t forget the virtual assistants Siri and Alfred, the virtual assistant software recently purchased by Google (yes, is there anything they don’t acquire!)

So basically, it will pretty much be just a bigger phone sitting right in the middle of your living room! Except for one thing though, although it will have a web camera, I can’t see your TV having a camera you could easily carry around and take pictures with (duh!)

I’m sure there are many other signs as to why the Future TV will basically be just a bigger iPhone or Android device, but those 7 are some of the more hinting ones! We’re excited to see how it will further transform the advertising and household products industries.