[Infographic] How Small Business Blogs Increase Sales

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

I’ve been asked this question many times before, and I have a hard time simplifying it, let alone proving it to them. And now, I have this really neat infographic to help me do so, created by Imbue Marketing, using data from Hubspot’s study: 100 Awesome Marketing Charts.

One shocking finding is that B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month. How do they do that exactly? Just ask Emerson Salon, a local salon in Seattle that gets 75% of their business through their social media! But how? Well, look at their blog and the type of articles they post. For example: How to Have Better Hair.

Emerson Salon How to Have Better hair

And these are the kinds of phrases people are searching on Google nowadays. Haven’t you noticed that search queries have gotten much longer on Google’s searches? It used to be that people searched up 2-3 keywords such as “Better Hair” or “Having better hair” but now people are going all out when they type up their searches, to the point that you’ll find extremely long phrases such as “How to make sure you get into the college you want.”

Just go on Google and start with the words “How to…” and you’ll see wonders when Google tries to complete that phrase for you. So if you know what kind of phrases your potential customers are searching up, then you know what kind of articles you should be posting on your blog. This is how Emerson Salon and other businesses get more than 75% of leads through their blogs! Enjoy the infographic: