[Infographic] What’s an Infographic Anyway?

I’m sure you’ve seen many infographics flying around the Web, and basically it’s just the modern way of presenting data, but in more creative and visual kind of way. People are sick of just reading text, they want multimedia and rich text.

So if you’re in the advertising, PR, or graphic design industry, then it would be a follosh move to ignore the growing trends of using infogaphics in your business, especially marketing efforts. Here’s an infographic to give you an idea of what an infographic is (how ironic!), check it out:

How to NOT Let Social Media Ruin Your Business Reputation

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

If you were following the news last year, especially on Twitter, you may have heard about Netflix’s disaster story in September 2011 when they unexpectedly hiked prices without giving sufficient notice to their customers.

They cancelled their $9.99 combined streaming and DVD plan and separated the services into two separate $7.99 plans. Anyway, long story short, their stock dropped 50%, a loss of half of its value in the matter of 2 months!

After a month and a half, Netflix lost more than 805,000 Netflix customers due to the unexpected price hike, and do you know what ignited this massive boycott?

There are 2 main reasons:

1) The fact that daunting remarks and negative reviews spread like wildfire on social media, especially Twitter!

2) Their failure to properly implement effective social media public relations (PR) in response to this catastrophe. 

One reason is because they it took 3 months for Netflix to respond to the situation, one of the deadliest sins when it comes to public relations, especially in the social media age where things happen by the second.

I came across two great articles that are extremely useful in helping companies rectify their reputation when faced with a social media PR crisis. The first one is called, The 7 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make During A PR Crisis.

You can read the article in full if you wish, but I will give you the cream of the crop:

  1. Distancing yourself from the problem.
  2. Lacking quick, tangible action to remedy the situation.
  3. Looking insincere in front of the media.
  4. Writing a boring news release and letting things be.
  5. Ignoring customers’ questions.
  6. Keeping the CEO out of view.
  7. Having Vague Communications.

The second article is one that is written by the awesome Mashable, and it’s called 6 Steps for Protecting Corporate Reputation in the Social Media Age. Here are the 6 gems they were so kind to share:

  1. Don’t Pretend a Crisis Is Not Happening
  2. Don’t Make an Empty Gesture
  3. Don’t Refuse to Backtrack
  4. Develop Channels of Communication
  5. Establish a Crisis Communications Response Team
  6. Become Influential and Change Perceptions

Anyway, the biggest mistake Netflix made is that they ignored the angry mob that was formed through social media, and they paid a high price for that. As advertising and PR professionals, we all know that in business, unfortunately, you are what the public think of you, so let’s learn from these valuable lessons and take some safeguards to protect our own reputations along with our clients.