Red Bull With Another Creative Marketing Stunt in Kuwait

By: Jameel W. Karaki

We’ve written about Red Bull before and their creative marketing stunts such as the previous Art of Motion, but this time they are inviting free style football fans to attend the Worldwide Freestyle Football competition “Red Bull Street Style”, which kicks-off Sunday, April 19, 2012 at 6:30pm at the Marina Crescent in Kuwait. The top 16 freestylers in Kuwait will compete but only one winner will qualify to the World Final that will take place in Rome, Italy on September 2012. 

CCS which stands for Control, Creativity and Style is the name of the game at Red Bull Street Style. The Judging panel in the final will feature of Ahmad Al Mutairi (Kazma football club star) who will evaluate the Control category. Marzouk Al Ajmi, head of sports in Annahar newspaper and Media Coordinator of the 2006 FIFA World Cup will evaluate the style category while Khris Njokwana the Freestyle Champion from South Africa will handle the creativity category. 

The Red Bull Street Style final will see the best 16 freestyle footballers compete against each other in head-to-head battles for a ticket to the World Final. Each battle follows the same format: 3 minutes, 2 players, 1 ball, with each freestyler having 30 seconds to impress the judges before passing the ball back to his competitor. 

Keep it up Red Bull, and continue on to show us just that marketing and advertising does not have to be in the form of push, one-way communication, but rather interactive events and themes that are actually of real interest to people.