30 Ideas for Your 2012 Social Media Plan [Free eBook]

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

Thank you Radian6! We’ve got to show them some love for coming up with this very useful, and free ebook that provides us with the most useful and popular social media recommendations from 2011.

I mean, let’s face it, nobody is able to read every blog post, attend every conference, or dial into every webinar about social media. So Radian6 has researched and aggregated the most useful social media tips into one handy ebook.

Whether you’re a small or medium-sized business, agency, or even an small-time shop, social media has something to offer you in one way or another and this ebook will help you “integrate social throughout your entire business, train your employees, find the content sweet spots, listen for business intelligence, delight your fans, handle your detractors, and measure your growing influence" as Radian6 likes to say.

You can either view the ebook or download it for free on Radian6’s blog, but if you’re too lazy to even do that then we can provide you with a summarized list of those 30 tips but believe me, you will not be able to understand them unless you read the description for each tip, so we definitely recommend you have a look at the ebook. Enjoy!

  1. Socialize your culture, not just your technology.
  2. Write up a plan.
  3. Cultivate long-term relationships.
  4. Automate the boring stuff.
  5. Calculate the value of your social customer.
  6. Require certification.
  7. Require extra certification.
  8. Share the vision.
  9. Double-check for compliance.
  10. Craft a content strategy.
  11. Go beyond text.
  12. Fill in the topic gaps.
  13. Build community relationships through your content.
  14. Pay attention to people talking about your brand.
  15. Gather competitive intelligence.
  16. Monitor industry chatter.
  17. Lead the conversation.
  18. Generate leads and sales.
  19. Listen for customer-service opportunities.
  20. Take the heat off in a crisis.
  21. Tweak your advertising campaigns.
  22. Surprise and delight your fans.
  23. Crowdsource fresh ideas.
  24. Avoid common etiquette pitfalls.
  25. Deal graciously with detractors.
  26. Stir up a little controversy.
  27. Measure Share of Conversation.
  28. Measure Adjusted Engagement Level.
  29. Measure your level of influence.
  30. Make your data memorable.

Middle East: 20% Trust Online Sources More than Traditional Media

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

You’ve heard this before I’m sure, that traditional media and advertising is on the decline after the advent of social media and online advertising. We’ve heard this from many experts such Larry Weber in his book, “Marketing to the Social Web”, where he cites studies that reveal that only 18% of people now trust advertisements.

To add to that, Nielsen came out with a study that suggests that 70% of people trust the opinions of complete strangers online, so imagine how much they trust the opinions of their fiends posted on social media sites!

These kinds of studies however are mostly conducted in the west (mostly US and UK), but now we finally have one that focuses on the MENA region, giving us a better insight on the media industry in the Middle East.

YouGov recently surveyed 30,000 adults in the MENA region to give us a better insight of the use of social media and digital media devices with the following findings:

  • 1 in 5 now trust online sources more than traditional media
  • 45% of respondents access digital media using mobile phones
  • 47% use the Internet to surf for new TV shows

And don’t expect any of those numbers to go down, especially in light of the fact that the MENA is still the growth stage when it comes to online and social media adoption, and has not reached near-maturity stages like Western regions have.

As for Kuwait, the numbers are impressive when you take a look at the study conducted by the Dubai School of Government in their Arab Social Media Report, where it was revealed that Kuwait scored in the top 5 regions for the following categories:

  • New Facebook Users In the Arab Region and Globally as % of Population
  • Number of Active Twitter Users in the Arab Region
  • Twitter penetration as a percentage of population
  • Number of Tweets in the Arab Region
It’s no surprise that 75% of companies now are using Twitter as a marketing tool, seeing that consumer behavior is switching to online and is drastically being affected by online media as opposed to the declining traditional media.