Google, Facebook, and Twitter Team up to Protect us From Bad Ads

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

Working Together to Protect Users from Bad Ads

Not just the three Internet and social media giants, Google, Facebook and Twitter have joined arms to fight and protect us from bad ads, but AOL, Interactive Advertising Bureau, and StopBadware have joined the fight as well.

What fight am I talking about? Well, it’s called the Ads Integrity Alliance whose main aim is to “establish industry policy recommendations for the worst types of bad ads, such as counterfeit goods, scams, and malware" as written on their Website.

The five heroes will share relevant trends and their own expert insights with policymakers and law enforcement agencies to tackle this problem of online trust issues as a result of deceiving ads, malware, and counterfeit goods.

The Perfect Time to Introduce Such an Alliance

Where there are opportunities, there are just an equal amount of threats waiting to  exploit the innocent and naive.

As soon as email marketing took off, so did spam email. And now we’re seeing the same problem on Twitter.

Spammers and scammers are just like germs, they will never cease to exist. All that can be done is to control them.

And this is mainly what the Ads Integrity Alliance seeks to do, which will not only protect users, but the advertising industry as well.

Strengthening Trust in the Advertising Ecosystem

The global public policy manager at Google, Eric Davis, commented on the Alliance and its’ relevance to building trust in the advertising industry.

"Bad ads, such as those that facilitate malware distribution or deceive users, diminish the online user experience and threaten trust in the Web. The Ads Integrity Alliance will serve as a forum for us to work together to protect users from bad ads and strengthen trust in the advertising ecosystem."