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Kuwait Bloggers Gathering 2012

We were honored to have been invited to the Bloggers Gathering Seminar which is set to take place on April 15, 2012 (5-8pm), at the Gulf Unviersity of Science and Technology (in Hall W6-200) in Kuwait. The seminar is said to cover topics such as legal issues in social media, e-businesses experience, and of course, blogging.

Surprisingly, Kuwait is ahead of all other countries in the GCC region when it comes to blogging, seeing that UAE has the highest Internet penetration rate in the Arab region. Kuwait is also ahead of UAE when it comes to the number of active Twitter users. (Arab Social Media Report 2012)

We’re proud to see that Kuwait is one of the most active countries in the GCC when it comes to social media usage.

The active blogs in Kuwait are many, and for this reason bloggers such as Danderma releases a list of the 100 Best Kuwaiti Blogs every month or so. These blogs are selling ad space like crazy and are making quite a killing due to the high monthly traffic they receive. For example, Q8 Ping (i.e. Kuwait Ping) is positioned as the best blog in Kuwait with an estimated monthly traffic of 36,000 visitors!

We’ll be sure to go to network and quite admittedly, to create mutually-beneficial relationships with other bloggers (there we said it!) Anyway, if you’re interested in also attending, registration is open for everyone and for more details on the gathering, please feel free to visit Bloggers Gathering’s Website. Hope to see you there!

The Internet Show: “The Middle East’s Only Internet Business Event”

Terrapinn, an event planning and training company, is once again offering the Internet Show in Dubai. In the Social Media frenzy world and information age we are living in nowadays, especially after the social media ignited Arab Spring, many companies in the Middle East are flocking to attend such events so they can fully utilize the power of the Internet. 

Here is an excerpt taken from their Website describing the show for us: “The Internet Show is the only internet business event in the region. It focuses on everything any business needs to know to create and manage an online business, effectively move an existing business online & promote your business online. It brings together Big, Medium and Small business and government, all eager to find new ways of doing internet business. It is a business, not technology show.”

They are offering exhbitors and participants the opportunity to engage ideas, solutions and products in:

  • Digital advertising and marketing
  • Web 2.0 and social networking
  • E-commerce and payments
  • Content management and streaming
  • Hosting and infrastructure 

The event is going to be held in Dubai, UAE on April 17-18th, 2012. You can find out more about it at www.internetshow.ae.