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Kuwait Bloggers Gathering 2012

We were honored to have been invited to the Bloggers Gathering Seminar which is set to take place on April 15, 2012 (5-8pm), at the Gulf Unviersity of Science and Technology (in Hall W6-200) in Kuwait. The seminar is said to cover topics such as legal issues in social media, e-businesses experience, and of course, blogging.

Surprisingly, Kuwait is ahead of all other countries in the GCC region when it comes to blogging, seeing that UAE has the highest Internet penetration rate in the Arab region. Kuwait is also ahead of UAE when it comes to the number of active Twitter users. (Arab Social Media Report 2012)

We’re proud to see that Kuwait is one of the most active countries in the GCC when it comes to social media usage.

The active blogs in Kuwait are many, and for this reason bloggers such as Danderma releases a list of the 100 Best Kuwaiti Blogs every month or so. These blogs are selling ad space like crazy and are making quite a killing due to the high monthly traffic they receive. For example, Q8 Ping (i.e. Kuwait Ping) is positioned as the best blog in Kuwait with an estimated monthly traffic of 36,000 visitors!

We’ll be sure to go to network and quite admittedly, to create mutually-beneficial relationships with other bloggers (there we said it!) Anyway, if you’re interested in also attending, registration is open for everyone and for more details on the gathering, please feel free to visit Bloggers Gathering’s Website. Hope to see you there!

A Creative Marketing Stunt in Kuwait: The Red Bull Art of Motion

We could say this is an example of a PR campaign, executed by the world-famous Red Bull, but I would say it is more of a guerrilla marketing stunt, a creative one that is!

Red Bull invited some of the top Parkour athletes to partake in this year’s Red Bull’s Art of Motion contest by showing off their moves throughout the streets and even islands, of Kuwait.

Check it out (of course you seen it coming), here’s a YouTube video of the event:

This is not your traditional advertising, but rather is more of a guerilla marketing stunt, which is defined by Wikipedia as: “The concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination.”

There’s plenty of energy and imagination tied into what Red Bull is doing with this event, especially when you have harmonic teenagers doing flips throughout the streets of Kuwait.

Middle East: A Business Hub for Big Investments in 2012!

Despite the unrest seen from the recent Arab Spring, the IMF predicts a 4% growth rate for the whole Middle East region in 2012 and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries could even see a striking 7% growth rate, which is good news for us here in Kuwait!

It’s also good news for the advertising industry in the Middle East, because where there’s business, there’s advertising. A study done by Harvard shows that two activities businesses cannot afford to cut back on: employee training and marketing!

Another piece of good news is that Coca-Cola announced a nearly $1 billion investment in Aujan Industries, the region’s largest juice, fruit drinks and cordials company. Here’s their comment on the deal: “It’s the largest fast-moving consumer goods deal in Middle East history and our partnership will give Coke a majority stake in the juice portfolio in the Middle East and a minority stake in Aujan’s bottling operations.”

Let’s hope we see more of these types of investments to help improve the Middle East’s economical outlook, especially for the advertising industry in Kuwait (we’re usually selfless but we have to look out for our own self-interests sometimes as well ;)