Some of the Most Offensive Ads Ever

As advertising agencies and professionals, we have to be careful on what type of ads we create for it could have a detrimental effect on your business or name. The first image portrays Saddam Hussein before the Americans captured him in his hideout.

It’s equally as beneficial to look at offensive ads along with successful ones, so that we can learn to stay away from producing controversial ads ourselves, especially when it deals with extremely sensitive issues like 9/11. The next image does just that by displaying a view the pilots had to the Twin Towers.

These ads were produced by HUMO, a Belgian radio and television magazine that’s written in Dutch. It takes real guts or just plain insanity to produce such ads, especially when it deals with adored celebrities such as the late Micheal Jackson.

We know one thing though, we will never take such risks in the Middle East as an advertising agency seeing how important it is to have a good reputation and brand image. I guess Humo has a whole different strategy when it comes to gaining publicity in their region.

The above images deals with another praised figure, John F. Kennedy, right before he was assisinated in front of his family. Not the best kind of event you want to remind people of, especially in a comedic type of context.