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Twitter’s First TV AD: Short, Simple, and Sweet!

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

Twitter has launched its first TV ad to promote a hashtag for Nascar. Here’s the video and what they had to say about the concept:

Discover the best Tweets, photos and perspectives from NASCAR drivers and their families, crews, commentators, celebrities and fans at http://twitter.com/#nascar

I think the ad is perfect, electrifying, straight-forward, and marks the very attribute that made Twitter famous: simplicity.

One would be surprised that they’re promoting a hashtag as opposed to their advertising services. 

However, they’re playing it perfectly. Promote the very reason of why Twitter is so hot right now: access to real-time news (to the point that sometimes news reaches Twitter before BBC and CNN!)

Bring the masses of people to Twitter, increase usage and engagement, let the brands see the huge amount of traffic they’re receiving, and then see the cash  from advertising revenues roll in.

Smart move Twitter, and great ad by the way. Short, simple and sweet. 

Hilarious TV TV Commercial [VIDEO]

And no! That 2nd “TV” word is not an a repeated word! This is a TV commercial about TV’s, and it shows the peak of creativity with a hilarious twist at the end! I bet you $100 you will not be able to guess what the guy on the security camera is doing. Go ahead and have a try at it.

The advertising agency, Y&R Amsterdam, realized that 30 seconds wasn’t long enough to set up the joke so they extended it to a minute long. Genius move! What’s even more genius is the fact that they did not try to use pushy selling strategies with corny headlines and slogans! A lesson for all of us my advertising agency friends.