The Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) has started to take off, both literally and marketing-wise, as you can see from the above YouTube video.

The PAL-V can be driven on land, or flown in the air! But is the world ready for flying cars, and even if it was, is there a market of potential buyers for these types of vehicles? It’ll be interesting to see how their launch marketing strategies shape up in the coming years.

Hilarious TV TV Commercial [VIDEO]

And no! That 2nd “TV” word is not an a repeated word! This is a TV commercial about TV’s, and it shows the peak of creativity with a hilarious twist at the end! I bet you $100 you will not be able to guess what the guy on the security camera is doing. Go ahead and have a try at it.

The advertising agency, Y&R Amsterdam, realized that 30 seconds wasn’t long enough to set up the joke so they extended it to a minute long. Genius move! What’s even more genius is the fact that they did not try to use pushy selling strategies with corny headlines and slogans! A lesson for all of us my advertising agency friends.

Much-Needed Ad in Middle East: To Fight Bullying, Corruption, & Greed

By: Abdulhadi Hafez

Ad Week labelled this video as “ad of the day” but after viewing the video ourselves, we think it should have been called ad of the year, especially after all of the turmoil that occurred in 2011.

The turmoil that took place this year was fueled mostly by greed and corruption, and what helps overcome those two evils: kindness and fairness. And this is exactly what this video tries to portray, how small acts of kindness can help cure a troubled world. Have a peek at the video ad yourself:

The video was produced by Life Vest Inside, a NYC nonprofit whose goal is to encourage the spreading of happiness through small acts of kindness—as a way of combating bullying and teen depression.

We think advertising agencies, especially those in the Middle East after our recent Arab Spring, have a lot to learn from this video so we could start producing inspirational videos alike, to help spread small acts of kindness in the hope that it snowballs into something greater than ourselves to bring about a revolution of positive influence and change.

The Most Creative Infographic Ever: Viral Spiral’s Most Shared Ads 06-11

Unruly Media does it again, bringing us info on the most shared ads across the Web, but this time they do it in a very cool, dynamic, and “alive” infographic, called “Viral Spiral.”

The coolest thing is that when you hover any of the circled images in the infographic, it brings it to life by playing it for you. Go and try it out for yourself!

The other cool thing is that the share numbers for the ads on the Viral Spiral is updated three times a day. This is creativity at its best folks, mixed in with pure innovation!